SMIC India offers you an effective business plan. It is you who decides how much time you can devote to the work: from several hours in a day to full time occupation.
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SMIC India is one of the confidently growing companies. It has gained remarkable reputation over the year. It is a direct marketing company headed by Dr. Yogesh Yelmar one of the senior consultants of Madhavbaug, who has been legally authorized by Madhavbaug to develop the project of promoting and marketing Madhavbaug's Ayurvedic treatments and medicines. We provide high quality ayurvedic products and wellness centres for a healthy life, a boost in growth of career through our business and over all development programs to all our partners.

SMIC India has chosen human commercialization method as a way to distribute its ayurvedic products. There are two reasons why we have opt human commercialization, firstly there is a direct approach to the customers without any barriers and secondly we are providing a base to start a business without any huge investment of capital.